Monday, February 18, 2013

Tromping Through The Jungle

So we had another good week!  Imma try to tell everything that happened.  first of all, our branch is going to the open house of the Honduras Temple on Monday, Feb 25th.  It is gonna be sweet.  And we're hoping that tons of investigators go too.  That would totally make them baptizable.  This week, we had 11 investigators in church!  looks like all that finding paid off.  So now we just gotta give them all baptismal dates, and we'll be set until May!  haha.  The funniest thing happened last week.  We were walking down Main Street, and there was just a baby crawling down the sidewalk.  We looked around and we were like  "... and this baby?"  haha so we grabbed it and went to the nearest little cafe.  The mom was there, so it was all good.  haha but we were kind of laughing about it.  Some people, right? 

So good news!"  I got the package from Sylvia!  It was awesome!  I liked the truffles especially.  It was awesome!  Also, I got a package from the Hardings in Oregon!  It had a bunch of throw back American stuff.  So this is a shout out to them to thank them.  Pringles, Nutella, Capn Crunch, american oreos?  You can't get much better than that!  Pure american sugar!  So thanks to them for that!  Also, shout out to Emma and Quincy.. I mean Sister, Cole.  For their letters.  Can you tell Emma that yes, I got like 3 from her, all within a week of each other haha.  So thanks. 

oh BIG NEWS!!!  my credit card stopped working, so can you guys check and make sure that UCCU knows that it didn't get stolen?  Cause it seems like it's blocked. 

Those pics of the shower are from before and after I cleaned it.  It's still all dirty and stained, but it is WAY better than before.  There are still slugs.

And there is a rumor I heard that the Pope renounced his position as Pope.  Is that true?  Cause that would be kinda crazy. 

You know what is weird here?  they started making it necessary to study on Saturdays in school for the kids.  So that is kinda crazy.  That would never happen in the US I think. Anyways, once again I'm out of time, but one more thing!

This week I lost my voice like 3 days ago.  it was nuts, and pretty hard to teach.  But like you guys know I never leave a bullet in the chamber, so I just manned up and did it anyways.  It was neat.  Elder Sensenbaugh is cool, La Esperanza is awesome, and Honduras is a chosen country.  I love the mission! 

Love Elder Danny "MANHOOD" Harding