Sunday, January 29, 2012

My third P-Day!

Everything is going well! How´s life with you guys?  I hope you´re loving it!  I have to tell you guys about the buses here!  They´re loco.  They´re all just old school buses from the united states, so they all have random school county names on them.  But on the inside they´re all totally party buses!  They always have loud rap music on and a lot of them have flashing lights in the front that go in time to the music.  One I went on last week even had a tv on playing music videos!  The problem is that it only had worldly music videos if you catch my drift.  haha but not all of them have rap!  This is the good news.  I think that rap is the favorite music here, and then 80´s music from america!  So I´m always hearing some good music too.  It´s pretty sweet.  On one of the buses I heard the song from Hot Rod called two of hearts.  You know the one that´s playing while they´re dancing by the car?  haha it made me lol!

I had my first real interview with the president this week!  I swear it was only like 5 minutes long.  He basically said how are you, ok cool let´s end with a prayer.  just kidding.  But seriously.  He told me that he put me with my companion Elder Osorio to give him more "animo".  That´s sort of like excitement for the work.  So I have to work hard so that I don´t get un-animo.  Sorry, I´m in a hurry.  I got lots of things to say!  haha 

Oh here´s something funny.  When my companion got to this area, Pedregal, him and  the other elder were new to the area.  So they didn´t know any of the investigators. So naturally, they just put all of the investigators in the ancient investigator section and decided to start from scratch.  haha I don´t understand that, but I want to try to find them this week.  I was just like whaaat?

One day this week I prayed that we would find a family, and that very day we did!  It was like Heavenly Father was saying "yeah, I´m here, just ask for me and use my power!"  It was pretty sweet.  The only problem is that I forgot to pray that they would be interested in our message. :)  haha so we taught the whole first lesson, and then when we asked if we could leave a book of mormon so they could pray about it, the dad just straight up said no!  I was dumbfounded!  Cause that   hasn´t happened yet that they answer so straightforward.  Normally they just say yes, take the book, and then hide from us when we come back.  It´s pretty funny.  You guys all rock!  Thanks for everything, and keep on partying

oh one more thing!  The other day we found a bullet in the street!  It was cool.  I kept it.  It showed me that there are people here just like me.  Cause I don´t leave bullets in the chamber.  You know that.  Thanks for raising me!  You guys did a good job I think.  

Love, Elder "Beast from the Middle East" Harding

Hello My Friends!!

I have some really bad news for you guys...   Mom this is gonna come as a shock to you..  But this past week I was walking down the dangerous streets of Honduras, down a back alley because we had to hurry back because we were out late teaching a lesson.  And then a thug came out and totally shot me and I died.  It was horrific...

Haha just kidding!!!  I only said that cause Mom said she was worried.  Funny right??!!?!? :):):)  But mom, if you REALLY want to get worried just search "Honduras" on google.  there´s actually an area in our mission where gringos aren´t allowed to go cause we´ll get capped!  haha Anyways, lifes good here.  The first two days were pretty tough for me.  The first day I was like what the heck am I doing in Honduras right now?  And I just felt really weird.  Probably it was a mixture of sadness loneliness and homesickness, mixed with a little culture shock. And as you all know, I haven´t had emotions for at least 2 and a half years, so it was weird to finally feel them again.  But I´m used to it now, and everything is all good!  I´m pretty much adjusted by now.  The hardest thing is waking up at 6:30 every morning and forcing myself to exercise, and then getting in the shower and forcing myself to dump`the first bucket of cold water on my head.  Yeah, only cold water here.  And we only have running water once every two days or so.  We do have a shower head though!  So when the water is running we can take a normal shower that´s cold.  Well we might be able to take a warm one actually.. There´s an outlet in the shower and some wires that go to the shower head, so maybe those heat up the water.  I haven´t tried it yet.  I think ours might be broken.  It seems dangerous to me anyways.  But I guess whatever floats your boat!  Or should I say: whatever warms your water!  :)

I heard that we were on TV!!  Is that true?  On when vacations attack.  You guys should look.  Wow it´s weird how much I´m looking forward to reading your letters!  Now I know how Curtis and Tyler always felt.  Sorry for not writing you sometimes..  haha  But seriously, you guys can send me super long letters if you want, I´m not opposed. :) My area is called Pedregal.  It´s pretty small apparently.  But I like it a lot!  The members are all really nice, and we´re getting a bunch of investigators by knocking doors.  The only problem is that they say we can come back but then don´t want us when we return! Those bums.  It´s ok though, because if we taught them and then they rejected it, they would have a bigger condemnation!  so I´m down with rejection.  Ok here´s a newer, better address!  actually it´s the same just much easier, so if you guys could fix it on my facebook and blog that´d be tight!!

Elder Daniel S. Harding
Misión Honduras Comayagüela
Apartado Postal 2625 o 3688
Tegucigalpa, Honduras C.A.

So there it is!  And I think that´s all for this week.  Oh yeah, my companion is from Panama.  Peace out!!

Danny is in Honduras...

Yes I am here in Honduras.  And this keyboard is  very hard so if this letter isn´t up to par then don´t blame me!  Anyways we only have 20 minutes to email you guys and 10 minutes to email the Pres, so I´m gonna do this fast.  And since I got a thousand emails from you guys I had to sort through them a little, so now I´m almost out of time!!  haha but just for the future, can you guys keep picture emails and letter emails seperate?  It would be good so I could print out the letter ones.  Because the president said since we have so little time, that we should print the letters you guys send and then just answer them the next week.  So that´s what <I´m going to do. :)

haha I understand about half the stuff they say here.  But it´s coming along good!   I just gotta talk more.  Here´s some things I was thinking about:

First pg 12 and 13 in Preach My Gospel.  Those are some good pages on how to be member missionaries.  It´s just quotes from each of the presidents of the church.  So read that!!  

My new companions name is.....   Elder Osorio!!  He´s the man.  He´s pretty shy and doesn´t talk a ton, but in the lessons he teaches well, with no hesitation.  He´s just not as loud of a person as I am.   And he´s working hard to learn english and he understands well!  But to help he was trying to get a quadruple combo of the  scrips in english and a normal sized hymnal in english.  I don´t know if it´s possible mom for you to send him one or something?  Whatever you think.

Also what did you guys do with that new debit card that came in the mail?  Just wondering.  And I have a problem.  I can´t find my copy of my Patriarchal Blessing!  Do you know where it  is mom?   I´ve looked in all of my stuff I think.

Here´s something:  I have now eaten sardines!!  They don´t even taste that bad after you get over the taste :)  haha jk jk!  They don´t even taste bad at all!  They just taste like fish. Anyways sorry I have so little time!  I love you all, and maybe I¨ll tell you what being a missionary is like next time =)  haha I can´t believe you guys went to  the Mayan Riviera.  That´s crazy. ç

I just want to leave you with one thought:  Can people  who see you tell a difference in you?  there was a story where this   guy lived in salt lake valley, and said to the prophet ya know, after seeing you and all the  other people, i don´t think you guys are bad.  You guys are just as good as the others!  The prophet said This is    no compliment.  We need to stand out from everyone else.  But that´s all for today!  adios!!

Love, Elder Danny Banana Creme Pie Harding