Monday, January 28, 2013

Bienvenidos a La Esperanza

The Esperanza Elders eating our last hostess cupcakes ever... :(
So I finally got changed.  I'm now in the Esperanza!  Or the hope as we gringos call it.  It is freaking freezing here!  you don't even know.  I did not think it would ever be this cold in Honduras.  It's sort of ridiculous.  So now I feel dumb for sending that jacket home haha.  In the city I was like wow I never use this, theres no way I'll ever use this on my mission.  But here it is way cold!  But it's ok, cause we have hot water in the shower :)  I mean, it's not like you guys who if you're cold you just turn up the heat and the entire house heats itself up, but it's still something right?  aka be grateful!!!  Haha but it was awesome here.  There's way more nature than the city, and it is a nice looking place.  The esperanza is sort of near the border with El Salvador.  It's in the department called Intibuc√° if you want to look me up. 

My new companion is Elder Sensenbaugh.  If you didn't guess, he's white as well.  He's from San Diego, in miramesa.  He is way cool, and we are gonna get along great.  He is a cool dude.  We've been enjoying the cold together, and getting new investigatores and such.  the only bad things about the changes is that I had to say goodbye to the canales family, the investigators that we had.  They were so cool.  But we'll get to visit them in like 10 months.  Also, in 12 months I'll come back for their sealing.  haha that's gonna be cool.  ALSO, now that I'm like 4 hours away from the city, I'm not gonna be nearby when the temple gets dedicated here, aka its probable that I won't get to go to the cultural night.  :(  So will you guys please pray that there will be some way that I can go to the cultural night?  it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

I read a sweet talk in the january liahona that would be cool for you guys to use for family home evening tonight!  it's by Neil L Andersen,and it's called reverence for god is the beginning of wisdom.  cool.  Read it.  Love it.

So here in the esperanza we have a little branch that is growing, so we help out a lot.  we taught priesthood class, and we taught the young mens and young womens.  After church, we also got to help with counting the tithing, and today we're gonna go get the reimbursement for some ward activities that they did.  Haha we're basically the bosses here. 

mom.... can you send me pictures of the whole family please if you haven´t already? :)  Muchas Gracias.

I'm jealous that you guys are on a cruise, but it's ok, cause when I get married, I'm gonna go to a SUPER sweet place on my honeymoon, like france or something, and I'm not gonna invite ANY OF YOU!!  (except for my wife).  Speaking of marriage, I was thinking about how sweet it would be to get married in the Honduras Temple.  It probably will never happen, but I can dream can't I?  Anyways, I'mma try to send some pics right now.  I love you all tons!  thanks for being awesome.

Elder Sensenbaugh and I in our sweet cleaning the house uniforms

Love, Danny "No bullets in the chamber" Harding

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