Sunday, January 29, 2012

Danny is in Honduras...

Yes I am here in Honduras.  And this keyboard is  very hard so if this letter isn´t up to par then don´t blame me!  Anyways we only have 20 minutes to email you guys and 10 minutes to email the Pres, so I´m gonna do this fast.  And since I got a thousand emails from you guys I had to sort through them a little, so now I´m almost out of time!!  haha but just for the future, can you guys keep picture emails and letter emails seperate?  It would be good so I could print out the letter ones.  Because the president said since we have so little time, that we should print the letters you guys send and then just answer them the next week.  So that´s what <I´m going to do. :)

haha I understand about half the stuff they say here.  But it´s coming along good!   I just gotta talk more.  Here´s some things I was thinking about:

First pg 12 and 13 in Preach My Gospel.  Those are some good pages on how to be member missionaries.  It´s just quotes from each of the presidents of the church.  So read that!!  

My new companions name is.....   Elder Osorio!!  He´s the man.  He´s pretty shy and doesn´t talk a ton, but in the lessons he teaches well, with no hesitation.  He´s just not as loud of a person as I am.   And he´s working hard to learn english and he understands well!  But to help he was trying to get a quadruple combo of the  scrips in english and a normal sized hymnal in english.  I don´t know if it´s possible mom for you to send him one or something?  Whatever you think.

Also what did you guys do with that new debit card that came in the mail?  Just wondering.  And I have a problem.  I can´t find my copy of my Patriarchal Blessing!  Do you know where it  is mom?   I´ve looked in all of my stuff I think.

Here´s something:  I have now eaten sardines!!  They don´t even taste that bad after you get over the taste :)  haha jk jk!  They don´t even taste bad at all!  They just taste like fish. Anyways sorry I have so little time!  I love you all, and maybe I¨ll tell you what being a missionary is like next time =)  haha I can´t believe you guys went to  the Mayan Riviera.  That´s crazy. ç

I just want to leave you with one thought:  Can people  who see you tell a difference in you?  there was a story where this   guy lived in salt lake valley, and said to the prophet ya know, after seeing you and all the  other people, i don´t think you guys are bad.  You guys are just as good as the others!  The prophet said This is    no compliment.  We need to stand out from everyone else.  But that´s all for today!  adios!!

Love, Elder Danny Banana Creme Pie Harding

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