Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hello My Friends!!

I have some really bad news for you guys...   Mom this is gonna come as a shock to you..  But this past week I was walking down the dangerous streets of Honduras, down a back alley because we had to hurry back because we were out late teaching a lesson.  And then a thug came out and totally shot me and I died.  It was horrific...

Haha just kidding!!!  I only said that cause Mom said she was worried.  Funny right??!!?!? :):):)  But mom, if you REALLY want to get worried just search "Honduras" on google.  there´s actually an area in our mission where gringos aren´t allowed to go cause we´ll get capped!  haha Anyways, lifes good here.  The first two days were pretty tough for me.  The first day I was like what the heck am I doing in Honduras right now?  And I just felt really weird.  Probably it was a mixture of sadness loneliness and homesickness, mixed with a little culture shock. And as you all know, I haven´t had emotions for at least 2 and a half years, so it was weird to finally feel them again.  But I´m used to it now, and everything is all good!  I´m pretty much adjusted by now.  The hardest thing is waking up at 6:30 every morning and forcing myself to exercise, and then getting in the shower and forcing myself to dump`the first bucket of cold water on my head.  Yeah, only cold water here.  And we only have running water once every two days or so.  We do have a shower head though!  So when the water is running we can take a normal shower that´s cold.  Well we might be able to take a warm one actually.. There´s an outlet in the shower and some wires that go to the shower head, so maybe those heat up the water.  I haven´t tried it yet.  I think ours might be broken.  It seems dangerous to me anyways.  But I guess whatever floats your boat!  Or should I say: whatever warms your water!  :)

I heard that we were on TV!!  Is that true?  On when vacations attack.  You guys should look.  Wow it´s weird how much I´m looking forward to reading your letters!  Now I know how Curtis and Tyler always felt.  Sorry for not writing you sometimes..  haha  But seriously, you guys can send me super long letters if you want, I´m not opposed. :) My area is called Pedregal.  It´s pretty small apparently.  But I like it a lot!  The members are all really nice, and we´re getting a bunch of investigators by knocking doors.  The only problem is that they say we can come back but then don´t want us when we return! Those bums.  It´s ok though, because if we taught them and then they rejected it, they would have a bigger condemnation!  so I´m down with rejection.  Ok here´s a newer, better address!  actually it´s the same just much easier, so if you guys could fix it on my facebook and blog that´d be tight!!

Elder Daniel S. Harding
Misión Honduras Comayagüela
Apartado Postal 2625 o 3688
Tegucigalpa, Honduras C.A.

So there it is!  And I think that´s all for this week.  Oh yeah, my companion is from Panama.  Peace out!!

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