Monday, December 19, 2011

I am a Visionary Man...

So I had my whole email written but then I deleted it on accident.  So I'm gonna type it again.  I'm just glad elder shields isn't chapped at me for wasting his time.  He told me I could write it again.  So.

Thanks for that priesthood line of authority!  I needed that.  Now whenever a Catracho (Honduran) asks me how I have power, I'll just be like bam!  And give that sucker to them.  and then they'll be amazed.

I heard  a rumor that there's a Phineas and ferb episode coming out with Dwight Howard in it!! That would be an amazing thing if ever I saw one.

I realized this week that if you're building a time machine, it doesn't really matter how long it takes you.  Just saying.  I also realized that if you read Alma 46:12 (the title of liberty) in a very deep, spanish voice, it sounds REALLY cool.

I noticed everyone is a missionary here.  So I'm not really different.  But once we get to the field, I will be totally different, and it will be my comp and I against the world.  Everybody we see will be someone who needs the gospel.  That will be sweet.

I also never told you about our branch presidency here.  They are awesome.  One of them is called Hermano Monson, and his uncle is Big Tom!  How cool is that!?  He probably has Tommy Boy's number right in his cell phone!  He's a good man. 

Now my vision.  I guess it might be called a daydream, but I feel cooler if I say I had a vision.  Cause that way I just sound like a boss.  So I had a vision.  In it I was coming home from my mission and I was in the stake center with the stake president.  He was going to take off my missionary name tag, and that's the last thing I wanted.  I just knew I hadn't done everything I could on my mission.  I felt like I had been lazy and not worked nearly hard enough.  And it wasn't embarrassment or sadness that I felt;  it was fear.  I was scared when he came to me about to take my tag.  Scared because I knew I hadn't done the Lord's work the best I could when I was on the Lord's time.  I guess there was also a sense of urgency.  I felt like I had a lot more work to do, but I had to do it super fast.  A buncyh of Honduran people, houses, and streets flashed through my mind, and I wanted to help them.  I had so much to do for them.  I should have helped all of those people, but I couldn't and my time was gone.  I just wanted to make them happy, and I knew I had given up the chance.  The feelings of fear and urgency I felt were so strong that it abruptly ended my "vision".  Right then I was just like " woah, I had better work hard."  The last thing I want when I get home is to feel that fear that I felt when I saw that.  Simply knowing that once the Stake President came and took off my tag I would cease being a missionry, and I couldn't work the same anymore, gave me so much dread.  I can't even explain the force of the feeling, but I know I will be so upset with myself if I come home with that feeling.  I realized that what I want to feel is that it's ok if he takes my tag, I did my work.  Calmness, joy, fulfillment, and peace is what I want to feel when I give up my tag.  I CAN"T end thinking "I have more to do", I HAVE to end thinking "My work is done".  And I will.

Love, Elder Danny String Cheese Harding

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