Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thanksgiving in the MTC

Hello family!!!  So thanksgiving...  That was a party!!  We only had apple pie.  Dad maybe you should come down here and show all these people how pie making is done.  Teaching the incredible to the house elves here seems like it would be a good idea.  But on Thanksgiving we were able to hear from Elder Russell M. Nelson!  He was a man.  He pioneed open heart surgery.  Like it wasn't even around but then he just decided to cut open someones heart one day I guess.  So he's a life saver.  He also invented the heart lung machine so that's crazy too!  They showed us a picture of him when he was younger and in a doctors outift.  It was funny.  Then at night we watched 17 miracles.  I hadn't seen it yet but it was such a good movie!  This one sister in our zone at the end of it was like "I hate that movie" cause it made her cry.  But that movie was very good. the people from outside of Utah had never even heard of it, and it was in our theaters!! That's just funny.  But you guys can pretty much just call me Levi Savage now.  Cause he's basically me.
We also did a service project on Thanksgiving.  We made first aid kits, so we passed a bag around a long table and everyone had a job (i.e. put 1 band aid in the bag, put 2 q tips in the bag)  My job was to put 1, and only 1, tongue depresser in the bag.  I was the fastest tongue depresser placer around!  No one could stuff a bag with tongue depressers like I could.  You may have seen me on the top ten on sports center.  I could just see it now in slow motion and everything! Thanksgiving dinner was pretty much like our other meals except we had traditional thanksgiving food.  Did you guys go to the Allen's parents house on Thanksgiving?  And have the Allen kids come here yet?  I've been looking on Sundays in the cafeteria for them but haven't seen them.  my lunch is at 11:30 on Sunday, I don't know what Brother and Sister Allen's schedule is like on Sunday cause I haven't seen them here at all either.
Oh dear.  There's a problem.  They made me stop playing basketball in gym because I keep on hurting everyone's feelings too badly.  It's ridiculous what I do to the other Elders here.  There was this short kid guarding me once and he was trying to force me right by turning his body a little sideways, so I just crossed over through his legs and left him behind as I drove to make a lay up.  After I scored I looked around and he was just sitting on the ground looking down and smiling a little as if to say what am I even doing with my life?  I believe that he went home 3 days later.  And then another time this Elder that everyone calls Canada, I don't even know his real name, but everyone thinks he's way good.  I think he's pretty good, but nothing spectacular.  So I was guarding him and he tried to cross me over but instead I picked his pocket.  Then I went to the 3 point line and he was guarding me pretty tight cause you know how you're mad whenever the ball is stolen, so you play harder Defense?  Yeah that's what he was doing.  So I dribbled for a few seconds and sized him up a little then I just pulled up right in his face and drained it!  I made him rethink Einstein's theory of relativity!  It was sweet.
On Tuesday this week we had Tazuko Yamashita and Kazuhiko Yamashita come and talk to us.  How Japanese can those names get?  I'm surprised they didn't give their talks in Ninja costumes!  But it was so funny because Sister Yamashita couldn't say her L's so she told us all about her time in correge and we were laughing, but she had such a cute accent and it was funny.  I had to pull out my JK-47:  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!  And then just to complete it, Brother Yamashita couldn't say his R's, so he was replacing all of those with L's!  It was funny, but it's crazy cause even through their broken english and poor grammar, the spirit was still able to testify and teach us.  So I decided that I don't even need to learn spanish!  As long as I speak with the spirit.  Therefore, I've stopped going to the spanish classes. 
Curtis can you get me that Nike quote that's in my old room?  I think Lebron was on the poster, and it says like ask me to shoot, i'll shoot. ask me to pass, i'll pass.  ask me to screen, block out, score, dominate, anything.  But it's not what you ask of me.  It's what I ask of myself. So can you get me that quote?  And thank you guys for sending me letters instead of emails.  It really helps save my 30 minutes.  But when I ask for quotes or anything like that, can you email it to me?  Because then I can print it off and those would just be better that way.  Thank you!! 
DAD:  the scriptures I want on my plaque at home is D&C 35:13-14.  It says the weak things of the world are going to be who God calls on to serve him.  And can you think of anyone weaker than 19 year old boys?  NO.   But He then says that we will thrash the nations by the power of his word or something, and that he will be with us.  That's sweet.  And I know that among all the weak things of the world, I'm probably one of the weakest.  But with God's help I can do it!
One last thing:  we heard that Elder Voorhees, one of the missionaries from our district who went to the Guatemala MTC is having a hard time there and was talking about going home, so if you guys want to pray for him and perhaps even include him in your fast this Sunday that would be nice.  I know he can do it, but it was probably jsut hard for him to leave us all.  Thanks for raising me you guys!  and thanks for feeding me sometimes too!  You guys rock.  Mom I'm learning good things and becoming a good missionary.  haha that reminds me of a quote:
Be the kind of missionary your Mom already thinks you are, and the kind of missionary your Dad wants you to become.  That's funny stuff.
And one more quote:
You have to wake up with determination in order to go to bed with satisfaction.  That's all folks!! 
Love, Elder Danny 'TALL lab king' Harding

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