Saturday, December 31, 2011

Honduras Here I Come!

My family!! This is my last e-mail to you guys ever!  because I'm probably going to crash on the airplane!  It's going to be a good experience.
Just kidding mom!!  I'm not gonna die don't worry. :)  So since we wear the same suit every day here, mine is getting a little dirty.  Every once in a while I'll spill gravy or a little milk on it or something.  So we've been waiting till the last week to get our suits cleaned.  Usually there are certain days that you can get them cleaned in just one day. Wednesday is one of those days.  So yesterday we went there to clean our suits.  We tried to turn them in, but then the guy said there was no way they'd be back by Thursday.  Well actually he said that there's like a 3 % chance they'd be here by Friday, and they're going to be closed on Saturday and Monday!  So we couldn't get our suits cleaned.  probably I  won't be able to clean it for 2 years!  Haha but I'm not worried about it because there's nothing bad on it, i was just hoping I could get it cleaned.  So that was funny.  The reason that they weren't going to be able to do it quickly is because all of the workers that clean stuff are BYU students, and nobody is here right now because they're all on vacation!  I feel bad for the people who have had to work on Christmas and New years and stuff.  That's some good service right there!
I don't fully remember if I sent you guys this quote from Bednar, but here it is again.  "Don't just not do bad stuff.  Do better good stuff."  Just a good reminder.  So since I emailed you guys on Sunday I don't feel like I have that much to say!  I'm getting nervous to go down to Honduras and not be able to do anything. For example print pictures, drink milk, take normal showers.  I'm more excited than nervous though.  It's not like i'm scared of anything that's going to happen down there, but I just hope that I don't take a long time to adjust.  I'm sure it will all be good.  I'm going to send you guys a package of the things that I only needed for the MTC, and also other things that i don't need.  Thanks for sending me pictures!! I'm pumped to get those!  I'm gonna love having them.  I got a sweet photo album at the store and there is some nice pictures in there! I printed a good one of you and me Dad, one that I took of us right before I entered this place.  Also I have pictures with my friends that I was sent for Christmas.  I love having those.  Oh man I have some sweet ties now too!  There's this one that someone just gave me that looks like drapes from the 80's.  It is very impressive.  Also I got the coolest orange one from Kelsey for Christmas! It's perfect cause I didn't have an orange one yet. I was actually looking for one to trade for, but I also didn't want to have to trade any of my good ones.  So everything worked out perfectly.  I also traded for this cool zebra one from my friend Jason Adams a little before he left here.  So yeah, my tie collection is going good.  I did however have to part with my black and yellow striped one, the one that I wore into the MTC.  But that's alright too, because I got three ties back for that one!  I totally swindled that asian elder.  He didn't even know what he was doing.
So I don't have much else to say.  mom thanks so much for you letter, it brought back some good memories, and gave more detail to ones that I'd forgotten.  wow 4 more days!  This is nuts.  I hope I'm ready, and i hope i can understand the people there.  Mostly I just hope that I can always work harder than the day before, and that i can be the best I can.  The Lord will help us in what we need.  I know that.  So I need to work harder so I can better feel that i deserve his help.  This is gonna be an awesome next 22 months!  I can't wait.  AAA I just always feel that i can prepare more right before I leave somewhere for a vacation or something, but I just wanna be calm.  Today we're going to pack a little.  That will be fun.  I love you all.  Also, I'm going to be calling you guys on monday.  It will probably from LA.  It might be from SLC during the day. We'll see. Just be ready.  Always ready.  if there's a certain better time, let me know somehow.  like email me, I might be able to check later. or dear elder me or something.  i love you all!  a lot. Oh yeah dad! Can you take my MTC address off of facebook and my mission blog?  And then replace it with my Honduras address?   Thanks you're a doll ;)
Love Elder Danny "Threw It On the Ground" Harding

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