Monday, December 26, 2011

Pride Bites Back...

Dude not cool!  This is totally what I get for being prideful.  Last week I told you guys thanks for giving us good immune systems so we don´´t get sick that often.  So either that wasn´´t true, or else I was being humbled because I did get sick!  But I didn´´t really miss anything, don´´t worry.  I just had a cough and a sore throat for a few days.  One day I couldn't really focus, and then the next day I slept in through breakfast and then skipped gym as well.  So I never missed much, but now I'm fighting it off! 
This week Elder Shields and I got something in our mail that said we got picked to do a "how to begin teaching" demonstration.  So on Monday we went in to this place and had a little how to begin teaching class which we learn about all the time so apparently it's important.  But we learned about it more.  How to begin teaching is more or less getting to know the person, building a trust relationship, and just friendshipping them.  A big part of it is LISTENING.  Listening is really important because really everyone loves to talk about themselves.  It makes a point in Preach my Gospel to say that we shouldn't be thinking about what we're going to be saying while someone else is talking, we should only be listening to what they're saying.  And it also says that in 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'.  So apparently it's important for getting people to like and trust you!  Anyways, we finished our "training" on Monday, and then on Wednesday all the new missionaries came in.  So at night all the new guys went in a room and an investigator came in and then we were the missionaries that knocked on the door and got to know them, and then the new ones did the rest of the lesson.  Haha we had to do it in English so I couldn't do it at all!  I wasn't as outgoing in english I think.  And I made a funny mistake, and it was in english!  haha so this was the second guy and we walked in and he told us that we looked really tired and we should take a nap.  So what I meant to say was "Ok, I'll remember your advice tonight and go to bed early."  But what I actually said was "Ok, I'll think of you when I go to bed tonight".  haha All the new missionaries were so confused probably!  They were probably like wow I didn't know you were supposed to say that...  haha But it's all good, cause that "investigator" was already a member.  A teacher said he's at the temple all the time.  But the first guy we talked to I'm pretty sure actually wasn't a member!  He moved here from Washington and is a catholic, and he's gonna be coming every week for a couple months I think, so maybe he'll learn something and be baptized!!  He's starting a new business right by FatCats in Provo. It's gonna be a pizza factory so you guys can go there and eat his pizza.  I think his name was Paul M. I believe that last name was Magurian or something close to that.  But that was a cool experience we had!

Thank you guys so much for everything!  You guys rock!  Keep up the good work!  I'm sure I'll have stuff to send you guys right before I leave this place, but thanks for always sending what I need!  You guys rock big time!  And so does the MTC!  I love this place.  I'm learning a lot!  But Curtis was right, I really am tired all the time!  It's loco, in a good way.Peace out, I love you guys.  Please send pics!  Cause I love em. :)   
Love, Elder Danny "Ash Katchem" Harding

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