Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm a genius! but more of an idiot.

How are you guys!!  I´m glad to hear that life is going good for you guys.  For me it´s going good too!  Oh man all that talk with Tyler about paying his tuition and his housing made me worry about mine too.. Until I remembered...  What tuition?!  Ah man what a life.  In 20 months(and a little) I´m gonna be livin it good.

Today we had an activity as a zone because we were the cleanest Zone in the mission!  So we went to the Zoo, which is basically exactly like the zoo we went to in Peru.  It was pretty neat.  Yeah everything here is pretty much like Peru.  It seems a lot like a mix of Peru and the US.  If I were to describe it I would say that Honduras is Latin with a lot of american influence, while Peru is latin with a lot of European influence.  Well, I´ve never been to Europe, but if I did know anything about it, I would expect it to be more like that.  That´s the best I can describe it haha.  Speaking of cleanest zone, My companion and I also got an email that told us that our house was the cleanest of our zone!  Word yo.  That just goes to show that I don´t leave bullets in the chamber, even when it comes to cleaning.

MOM AND DAD!!!  YOU GUYS ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!  Why in the world are you guys not on a mission?  Try to give me one good reason.  The Ray´s (the senior couple in our mission)  told me that the world is 8000 senior couples short!  And with the new rules for senior missionaries you guys could even be home before I get back!  Think about it.  It´s a good idea.  And the age limit is 40!  So you guys are good to go!

Ok so the reason I´m a genius:  I started to boil water in the morning, and then put it in my bucket so that I could shower.  Now I´m showering with pretty warm water every day!  I feel like such a boss.  Ok so the reason I´m an idiot.  OH man I feel so dumb even saying it.  But I guess it´s a Harding thing to have problems like this..  Well actually there´s good and bad news here.  The bad news.  I lost my camera.  It must have just slipped out of my pocket on the bus.  I didn´t really have very many pictures on it so it´s ok. Plus I still have a memory card and a battery, so i just need a camera!  So yeah, the bad news is I´m now down a camera.  The even better news though is that now one of my Catracho brothers has a sweet new camera!  And photos of a bunch of gringos!  Oh man I´m so happy for him.  He needed it more than me I´m sure. 

You ask if I´m safe in Pedregal?  Let´s just say that Pedregal is an area where sister missionarys aren´t allowed to go.  :)  That´s what I´m talking about.

Ok so you guys gotta send me a picture of your new tv!  And curtis, a picture of the old tv in your apartment.  Do you have the wii wthere?  That´d be sweet.  MOM, how´s it going as primary director?  I bet that´s way fun for you!  Also are you guys going to sell Dad´s dental practice in Provo?  What´s the scoop?  and how are the Mavs doing?  Thanks for writing longer letters today!  I´m gonna run out of lempiras from printing them all!  But that´s a good thing.  So keep sending em long!  I love you all, and I hope you all love life a LOT!

Happy Valentines Day to everybody!  Enjoy the day of LOVE!!  Love everyone. That´s my advice.  Danny out.

Love, Elder Danny Camp Rock Harding

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