Monday, February 20, 2012

Through the Fire and the Flames

Dude this week was crazy!  Honduras is totally going to the dogs!  This week there was a couple of crazy fires in the city.  Probably Taylor Adams went down in one of them.  But one of them was a prison.  It burned down and like 350 people died in it I think.  I heard there was just pictures of it in the newspaper and that it was awful.  There´s a rumor that the government started it so they wouldn´t have to keep supporting all of the people in the prison.  I don´t know if I believe that though.  Also there was another fire! Some gas thing exploded, and all of these little stores burned down.  I think it was like the place we went to in Peru where they had the black market, and all those stores were selling different things you know?  So yeah, that one was also in the city.  We could see the smoke from our area.  It was loco.  Just a TON of black smoke.  Also I heard that someone got killed a couple blocks from my house.  So hopefully they don´t find my companion and I as well.  So yeah, I don´t know what´s going down here.  All I can say is signs of the times, signs of the times.  The second coming is nearly upon us.

I finished my first change in Honduras!  Only like.. not that many more to go!  Man it´s crazy, I´mma be home in no time!  My comp and I got better for a little while.  We saw some members from his first area, and I think it sort of reminded him of his excitement he had to be a missionary when he first got here.  So that was good.  But I´m still working my hardest to love him more and more!  As humans were so weak and just so naturally bad that´s it´s hard to get out of it.  But also, we´re children of God.  So that means we have the strength, the divine heritage, to be able to overcome any challenge, and be perfect one day in the far off future.  So I´m just working at being better always!  And thanks for all the advice that you all gave me.  You all said different things, but it was the perfect combo of help that I needed.  You guys rock.  I totally took you guys for granted before, but I love you all more than ever now!

So I was remembering how you guys have 1000 boxes of cereal in our house..  And I was wondering if you´ve even eaten any cereal since i´ve left.  You guys better get to work on that!  Haha if not then you better at least just start gifting it to everyone you see.  Oh you guys could take it with you in the car and give it to homeless people!  I just barely had that idea.  Sweet.

Oh yeah, my companion LOVES cars.  haha so mom could you send me some pics of your car, especially the controls on the inside.  He wanted to see that.  Thanks a lot! That new set up in the living room is nuts!  That´s way better than before.  Holy cow you guys have some sweet stuff.  I wish I had a couch :(  haha just kidding, my metal chair rocks your couch any day.  I don´t know if you guys told me what to do, but if you didn´t, can you tell me what I should do about my camera?  Just wondering, cause I´m all alone in the world without a camera! But it´s chill, I´m surviving.  Cause you know I don´t leave bullets in the chamber!

I love you all so much!  Thanks for praying for me and supporting me.  I love you guys tons and tons!  Stay strong.  Keep reading the scrips.  

Love Elder Danny Robot Unicorn Harding

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