Monday, February 20, 2012

Just another Week in Honduras

Hey family what´s up!!  This week was alright, but we´re still not having any success!  We have a few investigators though, so that´s good.  Haha so i just sat on the bus next to a mime.. that was sweet.  He didn´t really want to talk to me i think.  haha so that was pretty sweet.
  Oh yeah also with Doterra, the senior couple in our mission does it a little!  The ladies name is Sonya Ray, but her daughter is bigger than her.  Her name is Perla Ray.  She´s from Mexico and I guess helped open up down there.  Do you know them?
   This week we had some difficulties as a companionship.  The first one was a couple of days ago when we were contacting and my companion couldn´t handle getting rejected, so we went back to the house to ¨get water¨ but instead we just stayed there till dinner, which was like 50 minutes away.  So I tried to give him a pep talk like curtis did to his companion that one time but I don´t know if i helped or not.  i probably just did more damage haha, but at least I tried!  So he was really upset that day.   He had told me a couple days earlier that he doesn´t even like his mission!  how sad is that?  I feel bad for him that he doesn´t enjoy it. But I need some advice from you guys and all of the wisdom that you possess.  I feel like he doesn´t really like me, and I want to be able to be his friend, but I also don´t want to just give in to everything that he says.  How can i find a happy medium?  Don´t get me wrong, I love it here! but I just know I can be happier if we got along better.  Also we would have more success!
    Dude you guys never told me what you got for christmas!!  So let me know about that yo.  Also how´s mitt romney doing?  I was thinking about that mormon the other day.  Also mom, I have a question about ground beef.  is it ok if it gets sort of a green tint around the outside when it´s in the fridge?  I hope so, cause if not then I´ll probably die some day soon from eating it.
   Haha that is so funny what Nick said about mothers knowing everything in his talk!  haha it´s totally true too, you guys know everything.
Anyways that´s about it for this week!  Sorry i did´nt have as much time today!  I was a little slackin´.  Anyways, I love you guys, and thank you for your prayers!  They´re always helping me out!

Love, Elder Danny "T-Bone Steak" Harding

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