Monday, February 20, 2012

Welcome to the Jungle

Ok I only put that title so that you guys would think I got transfered to some crazy place.  Plus it´s a cool song. But yeah, I didn´t get transfered, still good old Pedregal!  No, I didn´t get my Patriarchal Blessing yet or my debit card, but I´ll have patience.  Tanner Johnson said it takes like 3 or 4 weeks to get things here anyways.  Oh yeah one thing the office elders told us is don´t send anything through Fed Ex!  Apparently they cost a lot, and when it gets here I have to pay as well!  haha that funny huh?  But yeah, thanks for sending the quad and hymnal, I´m sure it will get here in time because I´m gonna be with this companion for like 8 more weeks or something since He´s my trainer.  Good old Elder Osorio.  I might try to send pictures in a second.

Uh oh.  Sushi?  really?  Oh man that does bring back bad memories.  20 dollars for a sushi buffet or 20 dollars for a meat buffet... hmmm.. That´s not a hard choice.  Tucanos baby.  But hopefully for you guys mom will soon forget about that strange desire.  I have to tell you guys about the weather here!  it´s basically been perfect the whole time!  haha like mid 70s low 80s with a breeze pretty much every day.  There are some days that it´s a little uncomfortable to walk up hills because it´s hot, but really it´s all good.  Do you guys have snow yet?  Oh man I miss it!  but yeah you guys probably won´t get any this year.  bummer.

We were at this members house and they asked us the strangest question.  The dad was like is it ok to give a blessing to a bad child so that they will behave better?  haha I was just like uummm, I think just a normal prayer should work for that one..  haha that was funny.  Anyways, At that same house there was this clock on the wall, but it was crooked.  So I pushed it so that it wouldn´t be crooked anymore.  How nice of me I thought, I´m helping their clock...  But then when I let go it swung back and fell off the nail that was holding it up and the plastic around the outside totally broke!  haha whoops.  Amen to that clock I guess.  Now that family knows as well as anyone that I don´t leave bullets in the chamber.  I don´t know if I told you guys the good news last week, but we got bumped up from 30 minutes to 40 minutes for internet!  apparently it used to be an hour before I got here, but noone was writing good letter to the pres and only writing a little to the fam and more to the friends, so they changed it to 30 minutes, 20 for family and 10 for the pres.  But now because we´ve been good we get 30 minutes for you guys and 10 for pres.  What a blessing!  But what I don´t understand is how I, with only 30 minutes to type, organize your letters, and thank about what to say, can write more than you guys, who have all day to write and think and ponder!  hahayeah, but Maybe one day it will be all the way back to an hour for us!

Can you guys figure out Taylor Adams email address and let me know?  Thanks a bunch! 

Anyways that´s all for this week. I hope you guys love life as much as I do!  I´ll try to send pics next week!

Love, Elder Danny "Spaghetti Fingers" Harding

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