Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Danny's First Letter

My first week at the MTC is going awesome!! I guess it's not really a full week, since it's only been... 3 days. Oh man only 3 days? That's crazy! I saw one of my friends, Elder Taylor Fox here, and he said: "Make sure you write down everything in your journal because time does not exist here. Like if you see a bird, write it in your journal. Because then 5 days later you can look and be like 'wow, I saw that bird 5 days ago!' " Haha he's funny. I totally lol'd.
Ok so homie sightings. The first Elder I saw was Elder Jeff Elsey! I saw him not 5 minutes after I got dropped off. He'll be hear most of the time I'm here I think. Oh yeah, the time I'm here! I'll have to tell you guys about that in a second. Anyways, the next person I saw was Sister Giraud-Carrier! I see her a bunch. I think our schedules are similar. Later that day, at the welcome to the MTC from President Brown, I saw Elder Jeremy Jensen! He came in the same day as me. He said he saw me when I was walking in with the guy who picked me up at the curb. I also saw him at dinner I believe... or maybe it was breakfast the next morning. I don't know, time doesn't exist here. The next day I saw Elder Fox, and that's when he told us about the bird that we might see. On Thursday I saw Elder Carson Wilde in the bookstore! He is a boss. He's got this big polynesian companion and when I saw them Elder Wilde's companion was bundled up like he was a character from Balto! Apparently Utah's winter is colder than wherever he is from. On Thursday or Friday I saw elder Hunter Cannon! He is leaving us for the CCM in the dominican republic I believe. He's leaving next Thursday or something. I have also seen Elder Lee Hasson from PG, who was one of Tyler's friends.
My companions name is Elder Shields. He is from Georgia, but he spent two semesters at BYU so he knows Utah a little. He's pretty good at reading spanish. Also, he's our district leader! So he runs the show. Also he's the one who picks up mail so I get to be one of the first ones to see the mail. It was funny, the first time he got the mail I got that letter you guys sent, but by the time we had made it all the way to the classroom, that letter was gone! I figured there wasn't much important stuff on it... but apparently our zone leader was walking right behind us so a little bit through class he slid it under the door for us. Zone Leader Wideen. What a man. And thanks for that letter by the way! It was cool to get that.
In our district there are 9 Elders only. 7 of us are going to Comayaguela, and 2 of us are going to the Guatemala retalhuahua mission or something like that. One of the elders is Elder Gunnell and he graduated with Tyler from PG. So that's cool. Our district is awesome and close knit I believe. One of the Elders who is going to Honduras is Elder Kenner, and he is really cool. I like talking to him. There are six people in our room and a trio in another room. So there are 3 bunk beds in our room but only 4 of everything else. I think they just threw another bed into our room so the two guatemala people could be in there too. Oh yeah, so I think we're going to be here nine weeks!! not in guatemala at all. it's gonna be sweet. Anyways, I'm nearly out of time. But I hope you guys have fun on your cruise you little dirtys! I can't believe you're going without me.

love elder harding.
I love saying that.

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