Friday, November 25, 2011

A Prophet!!!!

Bums man, two of the homies from the district left us this week.. Elder Voorhees and Elder Mason were going to Guatemala, Retalhualpa or something that started with an R. So they left us on Tuesday. It was pretty sad, but I quickly got over that at night once I was sleeping with 2 pillows instead of 1 :) Just kidding, it is pretty sad that they're gone, but it's easier to be focused because there's less people making noise.
So I didn't have time to tell you last week, but something awesome happened! A couple Friday nights ago we were in our apartment, and we were like it's Friday!! We gotta go party!! So we decided to go out on the town for Ice Cream. So we got all ready in our PJs and we went down to floor one where the vending machines are and we all got some Ice Cream! We went out on the town for a Friday night. We are total ballers.
I've made a new goal. We have to make a lot of goals everyday... Well, we don't have to, but my companion and I usually have like 5 (e.g. hit a 3 at gym and put on 3 goggles, play 4 square, make a District D Dynasty in 4 square, Eat 2 banani, get a baptism date, etc.) But I made a really good goal for my entire mission: While in Honduras, don't get capped. I think I can probably do it but it may be hard.
On Tuesday nights we have a devotional. And this week guess who came to talk? Nope, you're wrong. It was D. Todd Christofferson!!! He was a boss. He told us that they're thankful for us, and that we should work our hardest and everything. He's a cool dude! He also told us that when he was on a mission, his mission president's name was Richard G Scott! That's nuts. D Todd was 20 and Richard G was 38. That's a young mission pres!
Curtis I had that best idea for you: you should work for the MTC!!! All of my teachers are only like 4 months off their missions, and they all go to BYU while they work here. It's pretty neat, and you'd be a boss teacher and investigator. So you better do it or else we'll have to fight.
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Or in other words Feliz dia de pavo!! This is gonna be a sweet day. It's our P-Day, but theres other thanksgiving activities going on, so we only get like half a p day. And the other people who don't have their p day today, I think that they have an easy day today. So we got a little jipped, but it's chill! They better bring in Thomas S Monson for us to listen to today that's all i'm sayin.
So a couple things about Christmas... Yeah I know it's only Thanksgiving.. But I've been thinking that it would be better to send Christmas presents (I mean if you were planning on getting me any) early like a couple weeks, because there's gonnna be TONS of packages coming here on christmas. Also I know you guys are excited to hear from me on Christmas, but I hope that a letter will suffice. Because we're not allowed to call home from the MTC :( yeah mom, I know. I'm sorry! And yes mom, I do know exactly what you said.
Thank you so much for the packages!! I look like such a thug in my bathrobe!! Elder Shields said I look like the guy from Twas The Night Before Christmas. It is so comfortable!! But yeah, I've gotten both of the packages. You guys rock! I'm feelin the love up in Provo. Palabra. Thanks for remembering all that I needed! Well I love you guys, and thanks for everything!! I'm working on being the best missionary I can!! I just gotta focus muore, but besides that I'm doing great. Peace out fam!! Love, Elder Harding

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