Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dropping Danny Off at the MTC

The day finally came. We dropped Danny off at the MTC at 12:55 pm. It was exciting and a little sad too.

We first went to Costa Vida for lunch before entering the MTC,
I noticed Danny seemed to have that glow about him...

We then went over in front of the MTC to get a few pics,
and for Teresa to do one last workout with Danny...

One big last hug for Mom...See how happy she is, 15 minutes later the story changed.

Curtis saying goodbye, It was really cool that these two had a month together before Danny left. Curtis said, "It is so different being on this side of things. When you are the missionary it is so exciting and so many things are happening, it is awesome. But when you are dropping him off, it does make you kind of sad and you miss him."

So Long Danny, We sure will miss you...

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