Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm no longer a NOVO!!

I am no longer a Novo! That's the name that my district gave to the new kids who came in this week: Novo. So everyone with an orange dot we just say "what's up NOVO." But we don't say it TOO rudely. I forgot to say last week, but I DID see Elder Ramos. I see him like once a day, sometimes in the comedor and sometimes going to the gimnasio, and sometimes just walking around. This place rocks!! But we have a serious problem. The rule is we have to wear our suit everywhere, but then they also decided to say that we need to wear the pants that match our suit, not unmatching ones! I mean if I just had to wear the jacket everywhere that's fine cause that doesn't really get dirty. But the pants? So now I wear the same pants everywhere (except today cause it's P-Day). But yeah that's not really a big problem unless I start spilling my food or if I stop fitting in my clothes cause of the weight I gain del comedor sagrado.
But I do actually have a problem! Yesterday I got peanut butter EVERYWHERE during breakfast. I didn't even eat peanut butter! So now I need to get my suit cleaned except I only have one and I'm supposed to wear it always! so I'm going to be breaking the rules for a few days while they clean my suit.
I don't know if I told you guys, but we have an investigator named Sergio. He's from Argentina. And apparently he still thinks he's in Argentina. I don't know why. But he's the man! He believes everything we teach him and loves learning about Jesus and God. And guess what? He accepted our invitation to be baptized! So yeah, we got our first baptism. word.
On Sunday it was fast sunday, so we had a fast and testimony meeting with our branch. It was all in spanish, just like when we get taught by our teacher, Hermano Driggs, it's all in spanish. And I totally bore my testimony en espaƱol! I rocked it. I still understand pretty much everything that Hermano Driggs says to us, but I'm trying hard to not get complacent so that I don't improve. Because I still have a LOT to learn. I'm just glad I'm learning spanish and not some kind of chinese.
We do a lot of studying here. It's awesome! Except for when I start falling asleep. I'll read a few paragraphs of Preach My Gospel and then have to read them all again because I caught nothing from it. But I'm working hard. I just need to sit in less comfortable chairs. I love you all, and I love my district!! We have a bunch of thugs. I've realized that I better find someone good to marry. Because I have to love them enough to get over any little thing that might annoy me. Basically I have to marry someone who's perfect... So I'm never getting married. Oh yeah, I have some things to tell you!! let me get out my list.
Ok I want you guys to find this Orson Scott Card quote. I can't remember exactly what it says, but it says something like if you look at someone's desires you can find the same desires in your own heart, and for that you can love them. Also I found some scriptures for you guys to read! They are Matthew 10:21 aas well as Alma 46:40. Thanks for raising me! And Curtis, if you want something personal, you can write me a letter! Well, I only went 2 minutes over today... haha see ya later you Novos!
Elder Daniel "La Leche" Harding

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