Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm two weeks in baby

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Vocal point is gone?!?! NOOOO :( That's a bummer. But that's ok, they had a good run. My p day is on Thursday here. I think it would be good if you guys just wrote me normal letters, and then I could e mail you back because I have so little time to write ya know? I had some money to deposit which I didn't, but I heard you can do it here, so I'm gonna try to do that. I don't remember changing colby's wi fi password, I hope he gets it figured out! And yes, I'm staying here nine weeks for sure. There are two people in my district going to Guatemala and they are leaving next week, as the rest of us thought we were doing as well. They have their travel plans and everything and the rest of us have gotten nothing. It's gonna be sweet to be here on Christmas and New Year's! AND Thanksgiving! I realized this week that I'm gonna have a white Christmas! It's all gonna be a party.

So our first investigator, Sergio, was a liar. We committed him to baptism, and then the next day he showed up in our classroom and he was our teacher! So really he's a fake. he's really just our second teacher with an alter ego! Or should I say two alter egos. He became our second investigator too! So he's really Hermano Goodman, who pretended to be Sergio, who is now faking that he's also Ruben!! I can't handle this. And our First teacher? Hermano Driggs? He's pretending to be an investigator too! So now he tries to trick us into thinking that he's Ronny as well as Hermano Driggs, but I see right through him. You can't get anything past me.

So this other district, District 44D, tried to challenge our district to Basketball... Mistake. They had a lot of talk how they were undefeated or whatever. They have two more weeks than us. But Elder Kenner and I just made it rain on them. They had no chance. We were up 9 to 2, then they got to 6, and then we were just like ok let's end this, so we simply made another 3. We wrecked them bad. The next morning in our classroom we had a message on our board: rematch today in the gym. We just laughed. So when we got to gym it was funny, because they didn't have any of the same three guys play! They had three new guys, and the one Elder who was doing all the trash talking didn't even play! i lol'ed big time. They were better than the day before, but once we started trying we came back and won.

This guy named Tad R Callister who talked in conference came and talked to us about the Apostasy. It was way powerful. And this other Brother came and talked to us about the importnace of tithing. He said if our converts pay tithing, they won't fall away from the church. It was neat.

Oh yeah I almost forgot.. I think that there's something wrong with my toothpaste. I've only used it like 3 times since I've been here but it has still given me like 4 cavities! What do you think the problem is? I can't figure it out.

Another random thing: Apparently I sing The Spirit Of God in spanish in my sleep. "cantemos, gritemos, con huestes del cielo hosana!" you get the picture. I did sing in the choir this week and it was really fun. We sang Be Still My Soul. A powerful hymn.

Well peace out fam, have fun in CAli!!


Love, Elder Mellow Yellow Harding

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